Are domestic incidents really more dangerous to police? Findings from the 2016 National Incident Based Reporting System

NIBRS data does not support the notion that domestic incidents are uniquely dangerous for responding officers.

Gun victimization in the line of duty: Fatal and nonfatal firearm assaults on police officers in the United States, 2014–2019

**Research Summary**: Using open-source data from the Gun Violence Archive (GVA), we analyze national- and state-level trends in fatal and nonfatal firearm assaults of U.S. police officers from 2014 to 2019 (N = 1,467). Results show that (a) most …

Network exposure and excessive use of force: Investigating the social transmission of police misconduct

**Research Summary**: In this study, we investigate how a police officer's exposure to peers accused of misconduct shapes his or her involvement in excessive use of force. By drawing from 8,642 Chicago police officers named in multiple complaints, we …