Congrats Brenna and Trey on receiving $5,000 in GRACA funds to advance their projects!

Ph.D. students Brenna Dunlap and Trey Bussey were each awarded $5,000 Graduate Research and Creative Activity grants to advance their research projects centered on fatal and nonfatal officer-involved shootings.

First, both students will collectively create and clean a dataset to track officer-involved fatal and nonfatal shootings from 2020-2022. Then, each student will use the dataset for their own project ideas.

Brenna will use the funds to assess officer-involved fatal and nonfatal shootings across neighborhood contexts.

Trey will use his funds to examine fatal and nonfatal police shootings to determine whether proximity to trauma care significantly impacts victim mortality.

From all of us in the VIPR Lab, congrats, Brenna and Trey!

Justin Nix
Justin Nix
Distinguished Associate Professor

My research centers on policing with emphases on procedural justice, legitimacy, and police shootings.