Kudos to Dr. Hashimi for spearheading the SCCJ + TRAC partnership!

The TRAC (Transforming, Renewing, Achieving, and Connecting) Program has partnered with the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Nebraska Omaha to provide post-secondary classes for incarcerated individuals. The program will continue to operate through funding from private donors and under the leadership of lab co-director Dr. Sadaf Hashimi.

Post-secondary credit-bearing educational opportunities in a correctional setting not only has the potential to increase the likelihood of obtaining formal employment, and thus, increasing the chances of successful re-entry, but it can also improve institutional climate, encouraging students to form positive and supportive interactions with one another and with correctional staff.

- Dr. Hashimi

Read more about the program here and here.

From all of us in the VIPR Lab: Great work Dr. Hashimi!

Justin Nix
Justin Nix
Distinguished Associate Professor

My research centers on policing with emphases on procedural justice, legitimacy, and police shootings.